Monday, 14 September 2009

did you have a good weekend?

I did - here's some evidence of the silliness which can ensue after a delicious dinner of carbonara, beer and mysterious Japanese plum spirit (thanks Liz & Ben!). So what've *you* got on this week? I teach undergraduate psychology, so I'm gearing up for a new term. Still working on my PhD. And I have a couple of new sewing patterns to try out - I'll review them for which is my go-to resource when planning any sewing. It isn't exactly the best laid out website in the world (understatement) but whatever item of clothing I'm planning to sew I ALWAYS check out the reviews contributed by keen sewing mavens around the world. They will soon tell you if the pattern you're thinking of buying or making up is poorly designed or just too annoying, and they'll also share their brilliant ideas on how to customise basic patterns or make them up in completely different and wonderful fabrics. Check out my two little reviews here:
Have a great Monday xxx

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